Currently redecorating or just moved into a new place? Here are some ideas to decorate your home with candles, to instantly add a mystic look and a serene ambiance to any room. You’d think that candles can only be used as a source of illumination, but nowadays, candles are an important element of home decor. To give you a little inspiration on how to decorate your home with candles, I decided to give you some tips, and show you some photos that will help you personalize your space.

Tips to decorate your home with candles:

1. Safety comes first. Never leave burning candles unattended, and always place them on a heat resistant surface, away from any fabrics. 

2. Be careful with scented candles. If you decide to decorate your home with scented candles, mix and match aromas that go well together. For example, cinnamon and apple, so the smell isn’t overpowering. Also, make sure not to light up scented candles during meal times.

3. Candles are ideal to decorate coffee tables. Mix and match with hard-cover books, little flower pots and voila, you’ve got yourself the perfect coffee table.

4. Got a fireplace? Light it up in a creative way, by using a collection of pillar candles.

5. Another idea to decorate your home with candles, is to create a dining table centerpiece. Mix and match different candelabras and candlestick holders for an eclectic decor touch.